Office Blues

Office Blues.


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Today people are so scare of what people say about them. I really don’t care what u say about me Cu’s I know u are jealous of me if u talk shit about me. Don’t ever be afraid of what people say about u . They are just trying to bring u down and if they do it will make there life easier becuz u a threat to them.

True news

Hey bloggers if u want interesting new sweet gossipy and amazing thing that make u want to be like omg how can that be come to my blog. For today lets talk about schools. u people if u think I me classwork and homework and stuff you wrong. When I say school I mean the rating stardard in schools. Here is how it work either u a high class ; middle class or lower class. The high class is for popular people whose swear they are the hottest thing in school. Middle class is for the people that can’t pick which one to pick to be popular or not. Last but not least lower class is for people that are nerd and people pick on a lot. For me I really don’t what people thought of me. It what I think of myslef I’m perfect my own way and nobody going to change that . That is then of today post hope you choose to join my blog bye.